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State-of-the-art rooftop solar yield forecasting, powering rich interactive experiences and available via an API for your applications

Working with some of the biggest names in energy

Instant solar assessments at your fingertips

Data and tools to discover and vet opportunities for solar PV

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Assess any building for solar (+ storage) potential, energy use and more – instantly and remotely.

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Data Integration

Access bankable solar data through the easy-to-use Solar Widget or build your own custom integration – all built on a powerful API

Drop the Solar Widget directly into your website

A ready-to-go user interface to bring solar data directly to your customers, allowing them to see their potential right away

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Drop the Solar Widget directly into your website
Build your own solar apps with full API access

Use solar data to develop your own customized consumer-facing and back-of-the-house apps

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Build your own solar apps with full API access
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Solar System

Public, city-level irradiance forecasting maps to help citizens, businesses, and government understand solar

Solar Widget

Quickly and easily integrate Mapdwell's rooftop solar assessments into your website

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Bankable solar PV forecasting

Best-in-class forecasting technology, licensed exclusively from MIT

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3D Geospatial Analysis
Shading & Yield Forecast
Award-Winning Data & UX

Mapdwell produces full shading analyses based on real rooftop geometry, taking into account local weather as well as vegetation, neighboring structures and other obstructions. Local intelligence for incentives and cost estimates is baked into every analysis.

Methods used and validated by

Solar assessment data, wherever you need it

Flexible API licensing for integrating solar data with your customer-facing and internal-use applications

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Built to support:

Public, customer-facing solutions

Features include:

API access & secure token

Drop-in Solar Widget included

Internal Use

Built to support:

Internal analysis, paid/private sites

Features include:

API access & secure token


Features may include:

Alternative or combined use cases

Custom integrations & development

Bulk or unlimited Queries

Electrifying buildings

Energy load profile and solar analytics for over 119 million buildings across the United States

Instant Design delivers true-to-life, interactive PV system designs in milliseconds

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