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Data and tools to help you vet new deals, instantly verify feasibility, work with your own data.

Get started today with a 7 day trial of the standard plan.


$ 149 /mo

Features include:

Solar (+ Storage) assessment
Building energy modeling
System design toolkit
Data & customer management
Access to Query platform
PDF report generation
Aggregate statistics
Bring your own data
20 free Energy Assessments / mo

~ SAVE $447 ~


$ 399 /mo

Standard features, plus:

Location of existing solar
Custom branding
Snapshots soon
Custom shape uploads soon
100 free Energy Assessments / mo

~ SAVE $1197 ~


$ 1000 /mo

Pro features, plus:

Bulk Reports soon
500 free Energy Assessments / mo

Contact us for:

Custom features
Partner API soon
Tailored analytics
Custom data uploads

~ SAVE $3000 ~

Change or cancel at any time   •   Plans billed monthly or annually   •   Prices are subject to change

Energy Assessments

Energy Assessments enable you to access sophisticated energy simulations and data visualizations for a given building. Once you have exceeded your plan's monthly included Energy Assessments, you can purchase prepaid packs of 20, 100, 200, or 500 credits at a time. See pricing matrix below.


With Uploads, you can BYOD (Bring Your Own Data). If you have a list of properties (for example, existing customers or leads) you can Upload your list to assess each property one-by-one or in bulk queries. You only pay for the matches you find on the platform.


Find high-value prospects that meet your business needs (by geography, upgrade potential, physical attributes, demographic tendencies, etc.). Pricing is based on the number of matches versus how big the search sample is. Buy all the matches or start with a portion.

Looking for solar pricing and plan information?

See solar pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a trial?

All the features of the corresponding paid plan, and a number of Energy Assessments based on the trial duration.

I am not sure which plan is best for me, can I switch at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade your plan at any time and access the new features immediately. When you downgrade you can schedule the change to happen at the end of your billing cycle or immediately. Please visit the Pricing page to see details about plans and account add-ons, and a comparison matrix to help you decide. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is included in a Building Report?

When you activate the Energy Assessment for a building, you get access to the granular analysis data, visualization and metrics specific to that building. You also activate configuration and system design tools to help you fine-tune feasibility analyses, as well as the option to export configurations into printable PDF reports (if you plan allows it). Once you activate the Energy Assessment for a building it will be saved to your account and you do not need to activate it again to access its information.

I have not used all my included Energy Assessments this month. Can I count them towards next month?

No, included Energy Assessments do not roll over. Please purchase an Energy Assessment pack or upgrade your plan to increase the number of credits you have available.

Do Energy Assessment packs expire?

Energy Assessments purchased in packs never expire, they roll over to the next month. They are only used once you run out of included Energy Assessments. Annual plans have a year's worth of Energy Assessments added at the time of upgrade and renewal.

I'd like to upload my own list of addresses. Will that count towards my monthly Energy Assessments?

No, when you upload a list, buildings are added to your account but their Energy Assessments are not automatically activated. When you purchase (please see the Pricing section for details about pricing), we create a List with your matches and include summary data for each match with the most important metrics. You can activate individual buildings (or bulk activate) to access detailed metrics, configuration tools, and reports.

What do the PDF reports contain? Can I customize them?

The downloadable, printable PDF reports contain the details of your currently configured system. If you have not edited the configuration, the defaults will be used. The report also includes your business information and branding.

Plan Features Standard Pro Enterprise

Included Energy Assessments

Number of Energy Assessments included in your plan

20/mo 100/mo 500/mo

Fluxboard Building Reports

Generate and download custom Building Reports

PV system design toolkit

Tools to size and layout rooftop photovoltaic systems

Map-based interface & address search

Explore our data in its full geographic context

Prospecting and microtargeting platform

Access to Query platform to find prospects based on business needs

Secure data infrastructure

Your data is kept secure and private, always

High-resolution aerial imagery

Where available, we include the latest satellite and aerial imagery

Data & customer management

Save and organize properties of interest, create lists and manage customers

Data exports

Export your data for offline analysis and integration with other datasets

PDF report generation

Create branded analysis reports and export in PDF for sharing

Bring your own data

Use the Uploads feature to match your lists with our analysis data

Layers of existing infrastructure

Existing solar panel installations detected with machine vision

Shape Uploads

Upload or create your own shapes to develop custom lists and aggregate analyses.

Custom branding

Incorporate your business' contact info and logo across the platform

Aggregate statistics

View list-level statistics and analyze your portfolio

Bulk Data

Create rich custom datasets based on your business needs, external data sources, or in combination with your own internal data sets

Partner API

Tap the data engine programmatically to bring on-the-fly data into your customer-facing website or internal workflows and databases

Custom data uploads (coming soon)

Upload your custom datasets to the platform

Energy Assessment Packs 20 100 200 500

Cost per pack of additional Energy Assessments

Buy extra Energy Assessments, beyond what is included in your plan.

$100.00 $400.00 $600.00 $1,200.00
Power List Pricing

Cost per building of a Power List with our Query platform

starts at $0.75 per result and increases based on the amount of filtering and building size

Enterprise Solutions

Extend the core feature set and data engine with custom Enterprise plans, programmatic API access, and custom data analytics

Custom Plans

Define plans tailored to your company's needs – more Energy Assessments, expanded Querying capabilities, unlimited Uploads, and more

Partner API

Tap the data engine programmatically to bring on-the-fly data into your customer-facing website or internal workflows and databases

Bulk Data

Create rich custom datasets based on your business needs, external data sources, or in combination with your own internal data sets


Work with us to discover data-driven insights and craft solutions for your organization's current challenges and opportunities

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