PRESS RELEASE | “Solar System” Debuts as First Module of Mapdwell Project

Mapdwell unveils urban mapping and informatics platform with rooftop solar potential tool

BOSTON, Massachusetts ― May 7, 2013 ― For Immediate Release

Mapdwell unveiled today its online urban mapping and informatics platform, mapdwell.com, alongside Mapdwell Solar System, a next-generation online rooftop solar potential application.

The brainchild of top creative professionals, academics, and researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mapdwell is a framework built for the processing and delivery of vast, complex urban information through beautiful, easy-to-understand online interactive tools.

The first module of the Mapdwell platform, Mapdwell Solar System, is the most accurate and user-friendly solar mapping and information application available in the United States. Built upon an exclusive license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mapdwell Solar System advances proprietary, industry-leading technology to enable the:

  • Determination of slope, shape, and orientation of building rooftops;
  • Simulation of solar irradiation taking into account historical weather data;
  • Consideration of physical obstructions like vegetation and surrounding buildings;
  • Computation of potential solar power generation;
  • Application of national, state, and local utility rates and incentive programs;
  • Delivery of accurate and unbiased information in a beautiful, user-friendly interface.

Mapdwell Solar System employs a rich framework for the processing of LiDAR data, the computation of solar radiation, and the purveyance of meaningful and relatable information to consumers regarding their solar potential. The framework is built upon the familiar and intuitive Google Maps API as a rich web map service, providing this information in objective metrics such as system size in kWh as well as relatable measures like the number of trees saved by installing a solar system.

Mapdwell Solar System’s powerful platform, user-friendliness, speed, accuracy and stability, make it the best and most thorough web-based rooftop photovoltaic potential tool. It is based on the latest web and data management technology and hosted following the fastest and most reliable standards. It provides efficient and cost-effective scalability at the cluster, city, county, and state levels.

Mapdwell is a multi-disciplinary group of engineers, architects, and building scientists from M.I.T., brought together by a simple realization: individuals have the underlying capacity to drive positive change through their dwelling decisions –where and how they live– but lack the necessary tools to inform their decision-making. The Mapdwell Project was inspired by a single purpose, to deliver meaningful information with powerful and beautiful tools.

Mapdwell’s mission is to provide information at the consumer level that will drive community awareness, sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and smart growth through the aggregate effort of individuals. We believe accurate, transparent, and unbiased information is a significant catalyst of positive change.

Mapdwell works at the intersection of data, design, and technology to craft innovative and comprehensive analysis, assessment, visualization, and information tools for buildings and urban and non-urban regions and systems. We turn data into information that can be transformed into action.


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