Mapdwell unveils private beta for Fluxboard™ platform

Electrifying Buildings: instantly find and assess energy opportunities

With Fluxboard professionals can instantly find and assess energy opportunities. The platform mobilizes the Mapdwell data engine to provide deep building-level insight instantly in an intuitive interactive interface. Users can interact through two primary modes: Assess and Query.

In Assess mode, users have access to:

  • Best-in-class energy simulation and modeling at the building level
  • Easy-to-use configuration tools for instant project/upgrade feasibility analysis
  • Remote insights based on deep vision (e.g., existing installed solar panels, rooftop equipment, material detection, and more on the way)
  • Exportable reports with full configuration details and benefit analysis

Using the Query mode, users can utilize:

  • Access to big data scale to discover and target potential customers
  • Intelligent parametric search (e.g., by geographic, energy, solar, and demographic criteria)

List management is a core feature of Fluxboard, allowing users to save buildings of interest into groups and perform aggregate statistics and data exports. This feature also allows for use as a streamlined customer relationship management tool to note project status and keep track of customer information.

Fluxboard is currently in private beta.

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