ComEd launches Solar Calculator powered by Mapdwell

Exelon Utilities unveils Solar Calculator platform, powered by Mapdwell enterprise data

Exelon Utilities has partnered with Mapdwell to integrate rooftop solar forecast data into a wide-reaching Solar Calculator initiative and platform designed to educate and engage customers for rooftop solar. The platform is integrated into and visible from the both the public-facing utility website and each individual customer account portal, delivering a high quality cost-benefit analysis based on each customer’s real utility bill and Mapdwell’s validated yield forecast.

The first utility to roll out the calculator is Illinois utility Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), which can be accessed directly from the utility’s homepage. ComEd’s 4M+ customers can explore their tailored analysis and decide to move forward with an approved vendor for installation.

To learn more about the technology and data powering the Solar Calculator, explore our homepage or get in touch directly.

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