PRESS RELEASE | Mapdwell Solar System™ Expands to Oregon & the Pacific Northwest

Close Collaboration with Energy Trust of Oregon brings Solar System to 450,000+ Oregon Residents in Washington County in the Portland Metro Area. </br> </br> BOSTON, Massachusetts ― September 23th, 2014 ― For Immediate Release

Mapdwell announced today the launch of Solar System for Washington County, Oregon, in partnership with Energy Trust of Oregon. The pilot covers a significant portion of the Portland Metro Area, providing one of the most sustainability-aware communities in the US with the most advanced solar decision-making tool available today. The strategic alliance brings actionable information for solar PV opportunities to home- and business-owners, building managers, installers, and other industry stakeholders.

Conceived as a public good, Solar System is Mapdwell’s open, online, interactive, and user-oriented tool for rooftop solar photovoltaic remote assessment and cost-benefit analysis. It is based on state-of-the-art technology licensed from M.I.T. and delivered though strategic partnerships seeking to amplify the impact of collective sustainability through awareness, education, and community engagement.

The project covers over 155,000 building structures and identifies 2,901 Megawatts of potential high-yield photovoltaic capacity capable of delivering over 3.5 million Megawatt-hours per year. This is enough clean, renewable energy to power more than 300,000 Oregon households, create close to $15 billion in local business, and offset carbon emissions equivalent to planting 60 million trees.

Solar System has now precisely identified more than 7 square miles of rooftop area in Washington County that bears high-yield solar potential, and will become instrumental for achieving Oregon’s ambitious carbon reduction goals and maintaining its leading position in sustainability affairs, while empowering the community with an effective model for crowdsourcing the clean energy economy and creating value through distributed generation.

Energy Trust and Mapdwell worked in a close and fruitful collaboration for over a year to bring this project to fruition. The partnership hopes to expand coverage and make Solar System available to the entire Oregon community, after careful qualitative and quantitative assessment of this first deployment. Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable power, seeking to reduce energy costs, create jobs, and build a sustainable future, since 2002. Mapdwell is proud to partner with Energy Trust, a leading and pioneer institution, to help advance renewable energy awareness, promote education, and increase adoption.

Mapdwell Solar System for Washington County, OR is available today at mapdwell.com/energytrust </br> </br> </br> </br> About Mapdwell

The Mapdwell Project is about enabling communities with information in order to drive sustainable practices, community awareness, energy efficiency, and smart development through the aggregate effort of individuals. Mapdwell proposes an organic, bottom-up, collective approach to sustainability by delivering accurate, open, and unbiased information to increase education and spread knowledge.

We work at the intersection of data and design to create effective decision-making tools. We assist complex decision-making processes – through carefully designed choice architecture – where economics, education, and environmental goals can be aligned. Communities can now do well while doing good.

Mapdwell was recognized as a high impact, early stage company at the 2013 SXSW Eco Conference, the sustainability chapter of the world renowned, cutting edge cultural, music, interactive, and film conference and festival. Earlier this year Wired Magazine selected Solar System as one of the “The Most Amazing, Beautiful and Viral Maps of 2013.” Mapdwell is one of the finalists of the Fast Company 2014 Innovation by Design Awards, alongside Google, Nike, The New York Times, Ideo, Disney, BIG, USGBC, NASA, and others. </br> </br> ―30― </br> </br> mapdwell.com | [email protected] | Facebook | Twitter </br> </br>

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