Datos de evaluación solar, donde los necesites

Licencia de API flexible para integrar datos solares con tus aplicaciones de uso interno y de cara al cliente

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Orientada al cliente

Construido para soportar:

Soluciones públicas orientadas al cliente

Las características incluyen:

Acceso a API y token seguro

Widget solar incluido

Uso Interno

Construido para soportar:

Análisis interno, sitios pagados/privados

Las características incluyen:

Acceso a API y token seguro


Las funciones pueden incluir:

Casos de uso alternativos o combinados

Integraciones y desarrollo personalizados

Consultas masivas o ilimitadas

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Preguntas frecuentes

What does Customer-Facing mean?

Customer-Facing solutions are public and targeted at end users. They must not be protected by a password or private account.

What qualifies as Internal Use?

In contrast to Customer-Facing, Internal Use solutions involve internal analysis, back-of-house operations, and access requiring paid or private accounts. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the Solar Widget?

The Widget is our pre-built drop-in solution for integrating the Solar API, tailored to engage customers with an intuitive, interactive cost-benefit analysis for rooftop solar. We provide the Widget to help bootstrap your website development and reduce the time and complexity of integrating the API. This is just one way to integrate the data—you can also build custom integrations based on the Widget or build from scratch based on the documentation. See the Widget in action on the Solar page!

What if I want to use the API for customer-facing and internal purposes?

We have custom plans available for those looking for combined or alternative solutions— let us know your use case and we can build a plan for exactly what you need.

I need help with website integration or custom development.

We provide comprehensive API documentation to help your web development team get familiar with our protocol and hit the ground running. We also provide the ready-made Solar Widget with the Customer-Facing plan. If you need further help with devising an integration solution, let us know!

Do you provide CRM integrations?

We are working to bring our API to leading CRM platforms for push-button data augmentation. If this is an interesting feature for your business, please let us know.

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