Mapdwell makes METRO Boston’s Cover Story

Great Article by METRO Boston about Mapdwell’s Solar System™ Landing in Boston.

BOSTON, Massachusetts ― September 24th, 2014 ― For Immediate Release

“Just Call Him Mr. Sunshine” read yesterday’s cover story of METRO Boston, referring to our CEO, Eduardo Berlin. Commuters were excited to learn that Mapdwell had landed in Boston, assessed the solar potential of over 125k buildings and – in partnership with the City of Boston – made the information publicly available through Solar System™, the most advanced open, public, and interactive rooftop solar tool available today. Almost 650,000 people will benefit from the tool and be able to work with the sun®! </br> </br> Cover to the September 23, 2014 Edition </br> </br> METRO Boston Full Article </br> </br> Solar System™ Boston </br> </br> From METRO Boston Website</br> Metro is published in more than 100 major cities across Europe, North & South America and Asia . Metro has a unique global reach — attracting a young, active, well-educated Metropolitan audience of more than 18 million daily readers. Metro is a free daily newspaper written and designed for young and ambitious professionals. Designed for a 20-minute read, the paper gives metropolitans all they need to know, Monday through Friday, during their morning commutes.

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